This post comes a bit later than in years past, with generally warmer weather and without a hard, sustained freeze. We know how busy everything gets in the lead up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we’ll keep this one short. 


Get Out in Front of the Winter Freeze

Every winter I see people struggle with their porch pots because they freeze with the remnants of fall (or even summer) stuck inside.

Watch the weather and when you see that we’ll have more than a couple nights of below freezing weather (especially if there is moisture included in the forecast), retire your loyal fall flowers and remove about half of the soil in your container. You can just sprinkle it in your beds.

Doing this will ensure that 1) you have room for a pre-planted, drop-in Holiday Planter or Porch Pot and/or 2) you have a base of soil to hold loose wintergreen branches, birch logs, berried branches, holiday stakes and more. If you don’t have enough soil because you’re removing a previous porch pot or drop-in, just add a bit of fresh soil or sand.

Remember, you can always add and subtract branches foraged from your own yard.  


Porch Pot Plans

It’s not too late to add something colorful, textural and fragrant to your pots for the holidays and beyond. Check out our Holiday Porch Pots or Fresh Greenery Bunches.  If you have any questions, ask any of our designers in the garden center.


Stop us in the garden center if we can help you bring your project to life, and be sure to tag us on social if you share photos of your creations. Happy Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year to you and yours.