How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Happy


What to Look for and How to Love Yours, Longer

We don’t need an excuse to get festive at Bedford Fields. We’ve been preparing for the holidays for a while now, communicating with family tree farms to make sure we have plenty of the prettiest, freshest Christmas trees and greens. 

But we don’t just hope you’ll buy your tree from us, we want you to love it as long as possible at home. So here’s what you should keep in mind when you shop and care for your Christmas tree:

1. Choose your tree early and choose wisely.

Especially if you’re someone who likes a certain variety, height or shape and prefers to pick out the ‘perfect’ tree. You can always order online and choose from the most fragrant and long-lasting Balsam and Fraser Firs. Specify what you’re looking for, and we can set aside the best-of-the-best for pick up.

Bedford Fields trees come from our partners at family farms, who grow Christmas trees as a sustainable crop and handpick our trees each year.

2. We’ll always give yours a fresh cut and here’s why.

A fresh cut allows your tree to take up water and stay fresh for as long as possible.

3. Put your tree in hot water with Prolong tree preservative.

Hot water keeps the tree’s sap liquefied so it doesn’t form a hard seal over the trunk and limit water uptake. Gardeners say trees absorb as much as a gallon or more of water every 24 hours. Prolong tree preservative is proven to delay needle drop and keep your tree fresh for longer.

4. Keep your tree outside in a cool, shady place.

We recommend your garage or covered porch until you’re ready to bring it inside.

5. Keep checking the water level daily.

Continue to add hot water as needed.  

6. Bring the tree inside mid-December.

This may not go over well with early decorators, but your tree will look its best for Christmas if you hold off on bringing inside into the dry, heated air.

7. Choose a spot in your home away from heat sources.

Try to keep your tree out of direct blasts from furnace vents, radiators and the hottest afternoon sun.

8. Put a biodegradable tree removal bag under your tree stand for easy end-of-season clean-up.

You can put it under the stand (then remove and slide out before bagging the tree) or cut a hole through the bag for the trunk before you tighten the tree in its stand.

9. Be sure to buy a quality tree stand that will support your tree.

We swear by the Tree Genie Stand. Just place your tree in the stand and pump the foot pedal until it’s secure. It also comes with an easy-to-reach water reservoir.

10. Give your tree a few hours to settle before decorating.

Branches will fall just a bit, making it easier to string lights and hang ornaments.

11. Check for water daily.

Continue to water with hot water, and add Prolong tree preservative as directed.



Has it been the hassle of getting a tree home that’s kept you from getting a real tree? Ask us about delivery to your door.  


Any questions? Stop in or call anytime. And happy holidays from our family to yours.