Cherry Tree: 4 in 1

Sale price$ 229


Grow your own garden in your backyard!  Enjoy a variety of cherries in just one tree.  Tree in a 7 gallon pot

  • 4 varieties of cherries grafted onto 1 tree
  • Eliminates pollination and space concerns
  • Bountiful harvest and outstanding variety

Save room and pollination concerns with the 4-in-1 cold climate cherry created from grafting from an assorted selection of cold climate hardy cherries. These are the varieties that are used in the grafting: Bing, Black Republican, Black Tartarian, Lapins, Montmorency, North Star, Rainier, Royal Ann, Stella, and Van. Four of these varieties are grafted on the same plant!! Get ready for a bountiful harvest and outstanding variety all for the price of one....that's a bargain in any economy!


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