Gold Cone Juniper (upright)

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Color: Green Shades  Height: 6-7 Feet   Spread: 2-3 Feet  
5 gallon pot
  • Upright, slow-growing form
  • Tight and dense
  • Gold foliage color
  • Grows about 3-4" per year
  • Easy to grow
  • Loves full sun
This Juniper is anything but common with a tight, dense, upright, slow growing form that makes it perfect for an incredible number of landscape situations, and superb gold foliage color that really sets it apart. 'Gold Cone' only grows about 3-4" per year making it ideal for smaller landscape spots or containers making it a great, colorful alternative to Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Its new foliage bursts forth in the spring with bold, bright gold coloration and it retains its color with a minimum of fading throughout the hot summer and following cold winter conditions. Like all Junipers, 'Gold Cone' is easy to grow and does best in bright, full sun locations.

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