May Day Baskets Saturday April 27, 2024 at 10:00am

Sale price$ 29


May Day Baskets, a time-honored tradition dating back to long ago, is still honored by
different cultures around the world. Traditionally, May Day Baskets are taken to the
recipient's house on May 1st and hung on the doorknob or left on the porch in secret, a
sweet, unexpected way to brighten up a neighbor's May Day. Join us in planting up one
of these cheerful baskets for your home or spread the cheer by gifting it to someone
       What’s Included: Everything you will need to create your own May Day Basket.
       Supplies: Whitewashed basket, spring annuals, soil, moss, and accent.
       Expert Guidance: We are here to help guide you in the planting process while
we handle the cleanup.
Workshop Fee: $ 29.00

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