Pear Tree: 4 in 1 Combo Round

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Grow your own orchard in your backyard!  Enjoy a variety of pears in just one tree.  Tree in a 7 gallon pot

  • Heavy Producer!
  • Four delicious pears on one plant
  • Great for the home gardener
  • Guaranteed fruit
  • Saves space in the garden

Four delicious pears are grafted onto one plant, making pollination a breeze and assuring great fruit set on one plant for the home gardener. Four pear selections on one tree means guaranteed fruit while saving space in the landscape. Variety selections marked on each branch. The varieties grafted could be 4 of these varieties: Bartlett, Comice, d’Anjou, Flemish beauty, Hood, Kieffer, Luscious, Red Bartlett, Seckel.

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