Proven Winners Seed-Starting Eco Pots

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The Proven Winners Seed-Starter Eco-Pots are a compostable garden pot, made out of polylactic acid. PLA is made from starchy renewable plants like corn, switch grass, and sugar beets grown right here in the U.S. Starch from these materials are processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts, and performs like petroleum-based plastics.

Proven Winners Eco-Pots have plant nutrients built right into the walls of the container. These organic nutrients are rich in phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen. As Eco-Pots break down, they release these nutrients and proteins directly into the roots. This helps the plants grow bigger and faster all season long.

Ready to plant your Eco-Pots? Peel all 4 tabs off to allow the plant’s roots to develop properly. Transplant entire Eco-Pots and loose tabs into a larger planter or into the ground. 

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