Smooth Solomon's Seal

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In a 1 Quart Container

Height:  5 feet

Spacing:  20 inches

Sunlight:  partial shade/full shade 



A shade loving perennial featuring arching stems of gracefully hanging clusters of white and green bell flowers in late spring, followed by indigo berries in fall; elegant mid green pinnate leaves turn shades of yellow in fall; perfect for woodland areas

Ornamental Features

Smooth Solomon's Seal features dainty lightly-scented nodding white bell-shaped flowers with creamy white overtones and lime green tips dangling from the stems in late spring. Its glossy pointy pinnately compound leaves emerge chartreuse in spring, turning green in color. As an added bonus, the foliage turns a gorgeous yellow in the fall. The fruits are showy indigo drupes displayed from late summer to late fall.

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