Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

Sale price$ 269


In a 5 Gallon Container

Height:  7 feet

Spread:  10 feet

Sunlight: full sun/part shade 


An incredibly artistic accent plant for the garden, featuring lacy foliage that emerges a beautiful crimson-red and fades to a purple-green in summer, turning stunning fiery shades of color in fall; best planted in a sheltered location

Ornamental Features

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple has attractive burgundy foliage which emerges crimson in spring. The deeply cut ferny palmate leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding red in the fall. It features subtle corymbs of red flowers rising above the foliage in mid spring before the leaves. It produces red samaras from early to mid fall. The rough gray bark and red branches add an interesting dimension to the landscape.

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