Black Beauty Sunny Grass Seed by Jonathan Green

Size: 3 lb. bag
Sale price$ 19.99


  • Great heat and drought tolerance 
  • Naturally insect resistant
  • Waxy leaf coating preserves moisture in the plant and protects the grass from disease

Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty® Sunny Grass Seed contains turf grass varieties that perform best in full sun growing conditions due to their ability to tolerate heat and have great drought resistance. These Black Beauty® turf-type tall fescues possess a waxy leaf coating, like the skin on an apple, which preserves moisture by limiting evaporation and shielding the grass leaves from turf disease. This product performs particularly well on slopes where water runs off and in lawns with a southern exposure, whereas regular grass seed mixtures succumb to heat and drought stress. This seed germinates in 7-14 days.

3 lb Bag

  • Overseeding – Seeds up to 2,550 sq. ft.
  • New Lawns  – Seeds up to 1,275 sq. ft.
7 lb Bag
  • Overseeding – Seeds up to 5,950 sq. ft.
  • New Lawns  – Seeds up to 2,975 sq. ft.


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