Not sure about how to pot up your new plant? 

Let us help you pick the correct container for your plant, pot it up with fresh soil, fertilizer and pruning and send it home with you with instructions.
hands with garden gloves potting houseplant in terracotta pots
Have a plant at home that is pot bound or needs some TLC?  
Bring us your houseplants or orchids for repotting, pruning, fertilizing and care tips.  Repotting pickups are usually available within 2-3 days.
Potting Service 
 Fees: includes all materials. 
3/4” Pot - $4.00
5/6” Pot - $6.00
7/8” Pot - $8.00
9/10” Pot - $10.00
11/12” Pot- $ 12.00 
13/14” Pot - $15.00 
Additional Services If Required Billed at $45.00 per Hour