Air Filtering Houseplants
Decorate your home and purify the air with houseplants.  Just one 10″ container plant purifies 100 square feet!
To help you select the right one, consider the following:
  • Light– most houseplants thrive in moderate to bright indirect light, however there are varieties that will work for the low light office situation
  • Humidity– many houseplants originate in tropical or semitropical regions, where the air is moist. During the winter, our home air can be dry. Consider a humidifier or locate plants (such as ferns) in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Temperature– Most houseplants like a daytime temperature ranging from the upper 60s to the mid 70s, with nights about 10 degrees cooler. Watch for cold drafts or hot air blowing from a heat register.
Warm someone’s day by sending them a live plant.  We offer local delivery with your special message.  Call or visit us for details.  Our greenhouse designers can create custom dish gardens or planters to your needs.
Stop in and let us help you find the perfect plant for your home!

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