Bird Watching From Home
Bird feeding is one of the most enjoyable hobbies today.
Here at Bedford Fields you will find an abundance of wild birding products to keep our feathered friends thriving.
Our varied supply of bird feeders and houses from leading names like Woodlink, Audubon and Duncraft, offer the latest products for bird viewing. Our full range of quality birdseed, suet and birdbaths will allow you to create a welcome environment birds will love.
Do you want to create great “living quarters” for your feathered friends? Our birding department experts, can help you set up a Bluebird trail, entice an owl to a home, or find the right location for a bat house.  We are always interested in hearing your latest discovery of the wildlife visiting your backyard.


Resources For Further Learning

Learn more about local wildlife at NH Audubon Society
Learn More about Birds at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology