Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar

Size: 750ml
Sale price$ 11.99


Our all natural Sweet-Nectar hummingbird nectar concentrate is dye-free and infused with our proprietary blend of hand steam-distilled floral extracts, carefully created from the flowers most visited by your hummingbirds. Our hummingbird food also provides calcium to promote healthy egg growth, and much needed electrolytes to aid in the prevention of dehydration. We bottle our formula in glass at high temperature, allowing us to forgo the addition of commonly used preservatives.
  • Save with concentrate: 1 bottle of our concentrated hummingbird nectar formula makes over 2 l (76 oz.) of hummingbird food
  • Naturally made with what hummingbirds crave: infused with chemical free, steam-distilled wildflower waters, naturally made from the most desirable food sources that hummingbirds actively seek out in nature, all of our nectars are made with pure cane sugar
  • All of our nectars are made with pure cane sugar
  • Everything your hummingbirds need: we've carefully fortified our nectars with calcium and electrolytes to help aid healthy eggshell growth and in the prevention of dehydration

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