Lighting Jewels Alocasia

Size: 4" pot
Sale price$ 24.99


  • Bright Indirect light
  • Keep soil slightly moist
  • Feed with an all purpose house plant fertilizer once per month during the active growing months (March-October)

“Jewel alocasia” is a rather fitting term for an Alocasia species that’s often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and displays one of many dazzling colors, shapes, and textures.

Of course, these plants can be functionally great for terrariums because they’ll actually fit (and they tend to grow remarkably slowly)… but it’s their array of unique appearances that really make them shine.

Sporting a variety of oval, heart, and arrow-shaped leaves. Each laden with metallic sheens and waxy glosses in vibrant colors ranging from deep emerald and silvery blue right up to jet black and purple

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