A Grill Like No Other

A grill like no other

The man and the legend behind the original Weber kettle grill

I’ve always loved Weber grills. I began, like most people, with a round, charcoal Weber that grilled its weight (and then some) in meat its first year.

Since that time, Weber hasn’t rested on its laurels. They are still committed to the goal of grilling the perfect steak, but they’ve perfected the art across an entire line of grills, from propane to smoker, natural gas and portable models. 


George Stephen invented the first Weber kettle grill in 1952, driven by a passion to grill the best steaks for his family and friends. 

At the time, he worked for Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago. He knew the secret to the success in grilling lie in the rounded cooking bowl and was inspired by the buoy shape he saw in Lake Michigan. So he cut the ‘buoy’ in half, added legs, a handle at the top and the rest is history.

That same ingenuity keeps Weber on top today, with grills like no other that are made to last.


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