Planting Guide


Container Tree and Shrub Planting Instructions from the Bedford Field’s Planting Team 

You are a planting pro! We want to empower you to find the right plants for your spaces and to plant and care for them with confidence. Which is why we put together this quick guide to cover the basics, plus a few tricks we’ve learned over the years.

Most of all, we want you to know we are here to help you enjoy it all. We love and live for this stuff, and we have the privilege of doing it everyday. So rely on us to answer your questions (there are no stupid ones!), help you make choices that reflect your personality and lifestyle and create outdoor spaces you actually use and love.

  • Dig a hole 2x the diameter of the container and the same depth as the container.
  • Place container on its side and gently loosen the plant from the container. Loosen or ‘tease’ the roots on the sides and bottom with a cultivator or your hands.
  • Place your plant in the hole. To check the depth, container-soil height should be 1-2 inches above grade. Lay a shovel across the hole to double-check.
  • Fill the hole halfway with planting soil mix and add water to the top of the hole. Let the water drain, then check to make sure the plant is level and straight. Adjust as needed.
  • Fill the rest of the hole with original soil, then gently press on top of the soil and wiggle to release air and ensure good contact.
  • Create a sloped watering ring around the planting hole to act as a saucer. Do not mulch this area.

For even more peace of mind and to extend your warranty to two years from your date of purchase, we require the purchase of 2-3 additional materials. We use these tried and true products when we plant for you and when we plant at home because they ensure proper planting and watering techniques and almost certain success.




Amount of Planting Mix Required

3-10 Gallon Plant = 1 Cubic Foot
15-20 Gallon Plant = 2 Cubic Feet


Amount of Bio-Tone Required


Up to 2 Gallon: 1 cup  |  1/3 lbs  |  12 plants/bag

3 Gallon: 1 ½  cups  |  1/2 lbs  |  8 plants/bag

5 Gallon: 2 cups  |  2/3 lbs  |  6 plants/bag

15 Gallon: 4 cups | 1 1/3 lbs  |  3 plants/bag

24” Ball: 6 cups  |  2 lbs  |   2 plants/bag

For multiple plant purchases, add the total gallons together for the required amount.     



Too complicated or too much work? You can always ask us to deliver and plant for you. Learn more.

Ready to plant with confidence? If not, we’re here to help. Or we’d be happy to deliver and plant for you. Just stop in or give us a call at (603) 472-8880.