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Wandering JewWandering Jew
Wandering Jew
Sale priceFrom $ 11.99
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English IvyEnglish Ivy
English Ivy
Sale priceFrom $ 6.49
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African VioletsAfrican Violets
African Violets
Sale price$ 4.99
String of Pearls SucculentsString of Pearls Succulents
String of Pearls Succulents
Sale price$ 7.99
7" Bonsai Plants7" Bonsai Plants
7" Bonsai Plants
Sale price$ 105
Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm
Sale price$ 39.99
5" String of Dolphins5" String of Dolphins
5" String of Dolphins
Sale price$ 24.99
5" Pickle Plant Delosperma Echinatum5" Pickle Plant Delosperma Echinatum
Assorted Jade PlantsAssorted Jade Plants
Assorted Jade Plants
Sale priceFrom $ 11.99
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5" Gasteria Assorted5" Gasteria Assorted
5" Gasteria Assorted
Sale price$ 12.99
4" Aloe Vera4" Aloe Vera
4" Aloe Vera
Sale price$ 9.99
5" String of Teardrops
5" String of Teardrops
Sale price$ 24.99
7.5" Anthurium Lovable Hearts in Glass
Peace LilyPeace Lily
Peace Lily
Sale priceFrom $ 10.99
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Braided Money TreeBraided Money Tree
Braided Money Tree
Sale priceFrom $ 23.99
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DYI Terrarium KitDYI Terrarium Kit
DYI Terrarium Kit
Sale price$ 29.99
7" Cloche Terrarium Garden Kit7" Cloche Terrarium Garden Kit
7" Cloche Terrarium Garden Kit
Sale price$ 39.99
Spider PlantSpider Plant
Spider Plant
Sale priceFrom $ 4.99
Sale priceFrom $ 7.99
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Fittonia, Nerve PlantFittonia, Nerve Plant
Fittonia, Nerve Plant
Sale price$ 8.99
Combination PlanterCombination Planter
Combination Planter
Sale price$ 29.99
Snake Plants - SansevieriaSnake Plants - Sansevieria
Snake Plants - Sansevieria
Sale priceFrom $ 11.99
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5" Bonsai Plants5" Bonsai Plants
5" Bonsai Plants
Sale price$ 44.99
Mini Orchid in PotMini Orchid in Pot
Mini Orchid in Pot
Sale price$ 21.99

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