Wild Delight Songbird Bird Seed

Size: 8lb.
Sale price$ 14.99


A premium wild bird food blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor birds.

Primary Species:

Grosbeaks, finches, cardinals, doves, nuthatches, thrushes, songbirds and other outdoor birds.


  • Premium ingredients
  • Real cherries
  • Real raisins
  • Added vitamins
  • Added minerals
  • Electrolytes
  • Amino acids
  • No corn
  • No milo
  • No millet
  • No chemical preservatives

Preferred Feeder Type:

  • Tube Feeder (Large Holes)
  • Hopper Feeder
  • Platform Feeder
  • On the Ground

Note: Seed ports must be large enough to accommodate large fruit and nut pieces.

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